30 October 2008

Pumpkin Patch Adventures

This past Sunday evening, we took our three little goblins to the pumpkin patch out here in the country!! We have visited this same pumpkin patch every year since moving out to Louisburg in 2004.
Anyway, the evening was windy and cool - perfect weather for a fall evening out. We had each of the kids dressed in their costumes, which made the event even more "hauntingly" fun!!!
We began with a hayride, huddled together to keep each other warm and cozy. The tractor took us out to the middle of the patch, and we spent some time wandering the patch and picking pumpkins. We chose some unique ones this year - one was white, several were orange (of course!), and one was a beautiful, dark green.
After hopping back onto the hayride, we were able to see the rest of the farm, complete with corn stalks and scarecrows.
We all had a great time! Can't wait until next year to go back!!!

28 October 2008

Look Out!!

Our littlest angel, Aedan, is on the go these days!!! He is at the stage where your eyes literally cannot move off of him for even one second, or he disappears...completely. He is such a fast crawler and definitely ready to walk. As soon as he gets his balance under control, he will be off and walking on two feet!!! His big brother and sister can't wait!! (And neither can Mommy or Daddy, of course!)

Elijah, My Superhero

Elijah got his stitches successfully taken out yesterday afternoon at his pediatrician's office. He was a little champ about the entire experience!!
He had a very sweet moment with our pediatrician. When the doctor walked in the room, Elijah said, "Hi, I 'miss-ted' you." Our doctor smiled and said gently, "You did?! Well, I missed you, too!" - very tender moment - just had to share!!!

26 October 2008

Family Fun Night

For the past two Friday nights, our family has gathered to do something very simple, yet very fun!! We pick out a movie to watch as family, and on the way home from work, Jeremy stops at the store to buy candy and popcorn. Then, after dinner, we gather in our family room to watch the movie and snack on our treats!! It has been so much fun and so relaxing, too. The kids enjoy eating as they view the movie, and Mommy and Daddy enjoy the end-of-the week "veg-out" on the couch.
I know this sounds ridiculously simple, and it is, but I have found myself looking forward to it each week!