03 April 2009

Unwritten Rule

Okay - isn't there an unwritten rule somewhere that mothers CANNOT, absolutely CANNOT, ever get sick??!! I am sick with an upper respiratory infection and fever, and it's totally wearing me down...especially when I cannot get the kids to listen!!! Help!!!
On a different note, Elijah had his kindergarten screening today and did beautifully. I cannot believe that our first baby will be in kindergarten next year!!!

02 April 2009

A Hug Worth Its Weight in Gold

A couple of months ago, our family was on the Plaza here in Kansas City. We were enjoying a nice afternoon, and we noticed a homeless gentleman outside a store as we entered it. As we were leaving, Jeremy handed Elijah a one dollar bill to give the man. Elijah walked up to the gentleman and handed him the dollar bill, along with a big hug. The man smiled, and you could see the happiness in his face. We were so proud of Elijah for expressing such a wonderful sentiment to someone who truly needed a hug!