11 June 2010

Favorite Things Friday - Blog ((Hugs)) - Link Love

Blog ((Hugs)) and Link Love 
Week of 06 June 2010
  • I discovered a new fave blog that tugs at my heartstrings every day.  It's a blog called Kind Over Matter, and Amanda and Jenn's mission is to remind us to look at the kind goings-on around us every day and, most importantly, to be a part of kindness!! Seriously, I check this blog first thing each morning! Give it a look!
  • As you noticed in my earlier post this week, I am participating in a new challenge called 21.5.800 over at binduwiles.com.  Read about it at her amazing site!
  • Okay - I seriously cannot believe I just discovered this captivating site this week! Shutter Sisters is a fabulous site for us gals documenting our lives through photographs.  Love it!
  • My other blog, A Novel Idea, was featured on two different blogs this week!!! Check out my (very, very, very small) fifteen minutes of blogosphere fame:  "When I Was Young" Feature at "There's A Book" and "Monday's Buttons" Feature at "Twelve Crafts Till Christmas"!!!!!
  • Finally, mothers and fathers everywhere...get some tissue and view this beautiful, beautiful video of a precious 8-month-old hearing his mother's voice for the very first time.  It is simply a breathtaking moment to experience.  Please don't miss it.


The Girl Creative


Happy Friday!!!

08 June 2010


I came across this awesome project last night that seems as if it were created just for me...and it starts TODAY!!! It brings together two activities that bring me peace -- yoga and writing! Click on the link above to read more details about it and to find other bloggers who are participating.

Basically, for 21 days, I’ll be doing 5 days of yoga a week and 800 words of writing per day.

Ahhhhh....I am feeling zen already!!!

79 words so far today...

Tuesday Tag-Along

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