28 April 2010

Too Cute...

Okay, my inner child just went crazy over these adorable photographs of ducklings!!! Just had to pass them along...



“All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within.” — Horace Friess

Why God Made Dandelions...Through the Eyes of a Child

In all of my years of having the privilege of being around children, both as a teacher and a mother, one common theme I have noticed is that children do not think of dandelions as weeds. To me, this is a poignant illustration of their innocent perspective of the world around them.

So...why are dandelions NOT weeds???

Glad you asked...

- They are bright and yellow. Why would God make weeds bright and yellow??

- They are abundant and everywhere - ready to be picked and given to a very, very lucky adult as a bouquet.

- You can blow the seeds and they go EVERYWHERE!!! How could a weed be so much fun??

My Muddy Buddy

I sure had fun in the mud today!

Had to share this absolutely adorable pic of Aedan!
After several days of rain which left our backyard "puddly" and muddy, this two-year-old played hard in it! I had to try for this photo a few times, as our little Aedan is quite camera-shy...unlike his older brother, Elijah.

Oh, the joys of childhood...playing the mud without a care in the world!

Top 5 Things That MUST Occur When Siblings Are Playing Together...

1.  Someone must get hurt. Sometimes badly.

2.  Someone must come crying to Mommy or Daddy, barely hanging on for dear life. Comfort cannot be fulfilled without a hug and many, many kisses.

3.  All siblings must be warned countless times that someone will get hurt unless _____ stops. (Insert in blank the behavior that leads to crying in #2 and consequence in #1.)

4.  While playing, the mother of all messes must be made each time. Every toy that exists in the house must be brought out and strewn all over the floor.

5.  Mother and Father must tell children to clean up from #4 an infinite number of times. Even then, children refuse to clean up and are shocked when warning that was given of punishment at least 500 times is finally inflicted upon them.

Happy 4th Birthday, Callan!!!

Our sweet Callan celebrated her FOURTH birthday on Monday, March 15, 2010...unbelievable!!!!

We took her shopping to buy her a pair of Skechers tennis shoes, something she has wanted for several months. Next, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's to play games - she, Elijah, and Aedan played, played, and played!!! Little Naomi slept, slept, and slept! After that, she requested to eat lunch at the T-Rex Cafe (aka "The Dinosaur Restaurant"). After going home and taking a nap, she opened her gifts. Elijah was especially excited for her to open gifts, since he picked out a Tinkerbell Barbie for her. What a fun day for our big 4-year-old!

My favorite ride at Chuck E. Cheese's!!

Growing, Growing, GROWING!!!

Look at me!

Today, March 8, 2010, is Naomi Genevieve's 2-month "birthday"!!! How can this be possible? Our little angel was born just two months ago, yet it seems like yesterday. I know all parents say that about their children, but it's true!

Everybody says it for a reason...time simply flies when you are filled with love watching your child grow.

I have to remind myself every day to enjoy each and every moment of her growth. I am truly humbled and blessed to have the privilege of experiencing her development.

The Beauty of a Baby's Smile

Experiencing the smile on a baby's face is one of life's most pure pleasures.

Our Little Naomi has been smiling socially now for about a week and charming all of us to no end! The pure innocence and joy on her face has been happily noticed by her siblings, especially Elijah, who gleefully announces her grins to me each morning. As if her gorgeous smile didn't warm my heart enough, the pure excitement in Elijah's voice as he announces her beautiful expression magnifies my joy.