06 September 2009

Update on Our Kindergartner!

Elijah has been doing spectacular in kindergarten!!! He loves his teacher and has made many, many new friends. He talks about what he learned during the day...and sings songs that he learned in Music class. His behavior in school has also been very, very good. We get a daily update in his folder, and he understands and can explain the method that the teacher uses to track his behavior.
With all of this exemplary behavior, the little guy is quite tired when I pick him up from school! He needs a lot of time to unwind at the end of the day, which is quite normal. This reminded me to teach him my own stress-relieving techniques, such as deep-breathing and yoga. A good website, complete with articles, forums, and blogs about natural health is: http://www.natmedtalk.com . This will take you to the home page and health forum. Happy stress-relieving!