18 October 2008

Evening Visit to the ER

This past Wednesday evening as we were finally getting the children wound down (yes, wound DOWN, not wound UP!), our dear little Callan (age - 2 years) took a hard spill off her bed and encountered the bottom portion of the chest of drawers with the back of her head. Ouch!!! Tears and blood followed suit, and, after a call to our pediatrician's office, Callan and I were off to the emergency room.
I must say that I thought our first visit to the ER on account of our children would have been with our rambunctious, 4-year-old boy who (truly) believes he possesses superhero powers! I was certainly mistaken!
All joking aside, sweet little Callan was a real trooper, never crying even once during our ER stay. She was the perfect patient, complaining only once to me as we waited alone for the local anesthetic to take effect on her head, sternly informing me, "Mommy, we need help. You're NOT the doctor."
Our emergency room visit was over in record time - we arrived at 8:40 pm and were pulling out of the parking lot by 10:00pm...I was thrilled!!!
Callan was as happy as can be as we departed, lovingly cradling her new teddy bear given to her on behalf of the hospital. She sucked her thumb with the utmost content as we drove home.
Upon returning home, I gave her some ibuprofen for the pain, tucked her in bed, and a good night's sleep followed.
A happy ending for the whole family!!!!

15 October 2008

Baby Aedan

I am on borrowed time at the moment, so this will be a quick update!!! I just had to share it!!
Our little 8-month-old baby, Aedan, had pulled himself up to standing in his crib for the first time this morning!! I went in his room to get him up, and I was greeted with his sweet face smiling at me over the crib railing - what joy!!! He smiled and cooed at me - he was so proud of himself!!!
I cannot express in words how blessed I am...I can only thank God.

14 October 2008

Tales of a 4-Year-Old Superhero

Yesterday was, well, a bit challenging for my four-year-old son, Elijah (and me, too!).
Elijah has a Halloween costume of a certain superhero that he's worn A LOT since its purchase in September - more than any costume should be worn, let's just say! (Double-check your calendars, my friends, it's not even mid-October!!!!)
Due to the overuse of said costume, Mommy made a rule that it could only be worn in the morning OR afternoon - not all day, much to my son's chagrin...
Not too happy with this rule, Elijah presented his case of all-day costume wearing by arguing, crying, and fit-throwing. Consequence? No costume for the entire day. (FYI - consequence in 4-year-old's mind is equivalent to no food, water, or shelter.)
So the all-day battle began. Between crying, begging, and, yes, more fit-throwing, I asked myself: Should I be fighting this battle? Is this worth it?
All signs pointed to "yes," so we forged ahead. I marched forth with plenty of ammunition in the form of the word "no", and he proved to be a formidable opponent with plenty doses of: "Pleeeeeeeeeeease, Mommy, you can trust me. I will be a good boy."
I have to be honest here, folks, the day was miserable, but I stuck by my decision. And he stuck with his battle cry.
I am proud to say he did end up going the entire day without his beloved costume, bless his heart.
He suffered the consequences and, I think, learned his lesson.
It was a hard day for such a little guy, but he got through it. And I couldn't be more proud of him!