06 March 2009

Movie Night Update

Back in October on this blog, I wrote about our Friday Family Movie Night that we started. I am proud and very happy to report that we have continued to consistently do this activity, and it has become a staple of our entire week!! Elijah and Callan talk all week about movie ideas, and they love to guess what kind of candy Daddy will buy them for this event! We have grown to love these movie nights and cannot imagine a Friday night without them.
Elijah and Callan are especially excited that next Friday night we will have 2 guests joining us! Log on next week to find out who they are...

05 March 2009

Extrovert Extraordinaire

As many of you know, our sweet Elijah LOVES people. He is a people-person if ever one existed!! If someone walks by our yard and he's outside, he immediately greets them and introduces himself. His way of telling someone they're his friend is by saying, "I love you." He definitely wears his heart on his sleeve!!
The other day, I had taken him to Costco. As we walked through the parking lot, he enthusiastically waved to some people (let's put it this way - anyone who walked or drove by!). I said to him, "Elijah, you just love people, don't you?"
He smiled and said, "Yes, I really do. God just made me that way."
My heart melted, and I gave him a HUGE kiss!!!

03 March 2009


Help!! I need my two eldest children to be quiet and nap - even take just a little rest!!! I am going to have two bears on my hands this evening, especially Callan, who needs as much sleep as a cat. Wish me luck...