04 November 2008

Halloween Adventures

Our three little goblins enjoyed a memorable Halloween this past Friday evening. Elijah was dressed as Mr. Incredible (who could have seen that coming?!), Callan dressed as a princess, and Baby Aedan was a bat. Of course, all three were simply too cute for words!!!
We enjoyed the annual downtown Halloween festival and trick-or-treating in our little town - it truly was a picturesque, small-town event. Families gathered to share food, fun, and candy. The little ones walked beautifully up and down the main street, which was blocked off for the festivities, and all had a ball!
After the downtown celebration, we headed back to our neighborhood, which was a festival in its own right. Every year, some of our neighbors build a haunted tunnel through which the children walk to have fun and be spooked. Let me tell you, I think our Mr. Incredible jumped out of his skin at the surprise sight of some gorillas in the tunnel. Gorillas might not sound too scary, but in the dark tunnel, combined with the sights and sounds of Halloween in a four-year-old's mind, well...you can take it from there!! Mr. Incredible did, indeed, make his way through the tunnel, despite the kick from his fight-or-flight response to the gorillas!!
We departed for our home after this, eating candy and watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We had a wonderful time.

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