17 December 2008

Advent Blessings

Elijah, Callan, and Aedan have been enjoying our nightly Advent prayers out of a special children's Advent prayer book. So have Mommy and Daddy!! It has been a wonderful way to reconnect with each other at the end of the day. We gather around the Advent wreath and read a short Bible verse and prayer out of a children's Advent book given to Elijah by his godparents, Jane and Robert. After the prayer, a small Advent activity related to the day's topic is suggested. We have been doing the suggested activities each night, and it has been very meaningful to everyone. After the reading, we turn to the back cover where a window to the corresponding day waits to be opened!!! This is the highlight for Elijah and Callan!!!
Blessings on all of you this Advent.


Anonymous said...

I have an Advent calendar too!

Aunt Tunnie said...

Even the Episcopalians have advent calendars! Monica received hers from her priest here in Lee's Summit! What kind of activities do you do after the readings?


MarBear1975 said...

For example, if the reading was about the star of Bethlehem, the activity says to draw a picture of stars in the sky. Elijah likes to draw the pictures with me and Jeremy, and Callan enjoys coloring them in. Another activity had us discuss who might need our help this Christmas season. The activities are very age-appropriate for Elijah and Callan, but especially Elijah!!