05 December 2008

The Gift of Cousins

Has anyone ever stopped to think about the wonderful blessing of cousins?? They're friends and family all wrapped up into one!!
Elijah, Callan, and Aedan spent a wonderful Thanksgiving in Chicago playing non-stop with their two cousins, Reina and Lola. Each one of them enjoyed the other's company for three entire days - playing, coloring, hiding-and-seeking....just plain, old-fashioned fun!!!
Cousins rock!


Aunt Tunnie said...

My little girl, Monica, has two cousins that she grew up with . . .Grace and Melissa. Maybe someday Reina and Lola will babysit Monica's little children!

MarBear1975 said...

I had a fun Thanksgiving with my cousin, Monica!
I also saw her picture with Michael Phelps in Sunday's Star Magazine!!!!

Aunt Tunnie said...

Hi Mary: I didn't mean to leave you out as one of Monica's cousins! Maybe someday Callan, Elijah or Aedan will babysit Monica's children!