29 December 2008

The List

I just love lists - I use them all the time for everything!! I thought I would put together a funny list of the "Top 5 Reasons You Know You're a Parent." Here goes:

1. You catch yourself saying to your child, "Be careful - you'll put your eye out with that!!"...and you mean it.
2. You look forward to bedtime on Christmas Eve, not because of the holiday, but because you know it's the one night of the year your kids will go to bed without a fight.
3. You respond with the phrase you despised as a child - "We'll see" - just to avoid an argument with the question at hand.
4. Again, you find yourself using another easy excuse to avoid an argument, but this time it's "Because I said so." Usually this phrase sneaks in at the end of a long workday like its cousin phrase in number 3, stated above.
5. Finally, you find yourself thinking back to the days before you had kids and can't believe you ever lived a single day without any of them!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yah, my mom says "We'll see" to everything!!! Even when I am almost 24! So annoying!