26 February 2009

Feed the Hungry

This past Sunday, our church was collecting food for the hungry. We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to begin teaching our children about helping those in need - and it was!! We had Elijah and Callan pick out food from our pantry and put in a bag to take to church. Elijah was thrilled to be able to help those in need. We brought the bag to church and left it in the vestibule. I explained to Elijah that the church would be sure to give the food to people who are hungry. As we sat in Mass, Elijah leaned over to me and asked very seriously, "Mommy, do the people in here have nothing to eat? Is the food for them?" I told him that the people who need food are not here and will go to a special place to get it.
On Monday morning, Elijah began digging into our pantry again and setting out food for those in need. Lesson learned!!

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