20 July 2009

What Has Aedan Been Doing?

I've updated everyone on Elijah and Callan, but I have noticed that Aedan hasn't been included lately!!
He will be 1 & 1/2 years old this Thursday, and we can't believe it!! He has been very, very busy exploring his world. We have noticed how carefully he pays attention to everything happening around him. He soaks in all details and then looks inquisitively at Mom, Dad, brother, or sister for an explanation.
He loves to get his shoes and play outside with Elijah and Callan. He especially loves balls and balloons. In fact, when we were shopping at Target yesterday, he saw a display of balls and went crazy until we handed him one. Of course, one second later, the ball was back on the ground!
And another detail about our little man...he LOVES to eat!! I mean, he eats like every meal is his last one!! The little guy can pack in the food!!
And that's the latest on Aedan...
*P/S...Thank you to Aunt Tunnie for this adorable picture of Aedan!!!!*

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