30 September 2009


Hello all! I have been terrible about keeping my posts updated...so sorry! Elijah, Callan, and Aedan are doing wonderful.
Aedan is growing up so quickly. He changes every single day. Right now, he is a bit frustrated with his surroundings, since he is learning how to talk but can't quite express himself. He gets fiery when frustrated, so we are helping him learn to express himself through words and actions.
Callan has started a combo ballet / tap class...and loves it, of course!!! She loves the sound of her tap shoes on the dance floor and looks beautiful!!!
Elijah is LOVING kindergarten!!!! Yesterday, he had his very first show-and-tell presentation. He brought a "Mr. Incredible" Gamecube game to share with his class. He practiced his presentation and received all excellent marks!!! Most importantly, though, we love how he is able to practice his Catholic faith every day at school.

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Aunt Tunnie said...

Mary: Why didn't Elijah take his robot dinosaur? If I had to guess what he would take for show and tell, that's what I have guessed. Do they have something like star of the week, where the student gets to make a poster, bring in a pet . . .I hope so. I loved those days.