23 April 2009


After a thunderstorm overnight, our backyard had plenty of worms in it this morning! And Elijah was esctatic about it!! He immediately "adopted" two little worms and made them a home inside of a bucket. He proudly introduced them to me, and I instinctively (and insensitively) responded, "Gross!".
"Mommy," he replied, "Don't say gross! You'll hurt their feelings."
Of course, my heart melted, and I found myself apologizing to the worms.
Only in motherhood!!!

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Wendy Beebe said...

okay, so I couldn't resist commenting b/c, at the tender age of three, I was in the garden with my Mom where I lovingly offered her half of an earthworm I'd found. After declining it, she tells me I ate it! She promptly ran in and called poison control. (So naive!) I laugh everytime I am reminded of this childhood "adventure", especially as the response of the poison control technician was "...she'll pass the worm". Just think of the extra protein I had in my diet that day!!! Ha!