15 May 2009

A Broken Brain!

A day or two ago, Elijah and Callan were in their room playing, rather than napping. Suddenly, Elijah started crying hard and screaming "MOMMY!! MOMMY!!".
I ran into their room, expecting blood and gore. Instead, Elijah was holding a cup in his hand.
"Mommy," he said, "Callan almost breaked my brain! She threw this cup at my head. It almost breaked my brain!"
While providing comfort, I couldn't help but smile about the nearly broken brain.

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Elizabeth McLain said...

Reminds me of the time Jeremy (Elijah's dad) hit his brother, Danny, on the head with a rock. Danny was bleeding profusely. Jeremy was convinced he had killed him. Jeremy came running home yelling, "I killed Danny, I killed him." Although concerned for Danny, I knew Jeremy hadn't killed him as he was running right behind. Danny required 5 staples in his head, but, at least, he was alive.