07 May 2010

Introducing...Photo Fridays (Inspired by "SouleMama")

Inspired by SouleMama, I would like to begin having "Photo Fridays" on my blog.  The goal is to have the pictures (mostly!) speak for themselves...

Our Wednesday Nature Walk

Aedan & Callan with their treasures from our walk.

Aedan's sticks - he was very proud of them and carried them around for the rest of the day!

Beautiful Callan with her nature finds!

My tree-huggers!!!

"The nicest thing about the promise of spring is that sooner or later she'll have to keep it."
- Mark Beltaire

"I never knew how soothing trees are - many trees and patches of open sunlight, and tree presences; it is almost like having another being."
- D. H. Lawrence

Happy Mother's Day!!!


cpcable said...

Looks like a lovely day for a nature walk!

Mary Elizabeth said...

It was absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for your comment!! :)

MissV said...

(Blog Joggin)

Adorable kids!!! Happy Mother's Day!

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

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Subourbon Wife said...

I was just thinking this morning that I will cry when my little girl doesn't bring me a leaf, stick, or rock each day for my "good surprise". Love your blog.

alita said...

right back 'atcha from tag along tuesday. You have an adorable blog. Looking forward to reading more!