04 May 2010

Pockets of Solitude

Time is a funny concept.

At times, it is our closest ally.  On other occasions...our worst enemy.  Our nemesis.

What does time mean to you?

Time is a paradox to me.  I crave time alone, time to revel in the silence I so desperately seek each day.  When I do (finally) grasp a pocket of solitude, though, my mind is instantly bombarded with thoughts of my children, my husband, and my infinite to-do list.

I instantly feel guilty about my time alone.

How can I be doing something for myself when I have four little children needing me, clamoring for their next need to be met...now? And what about that laundry pile...those bills...the grocery trip that needs to be made? And a thousand other tasks I must accomplish???

But as I settle into my little pocket of solitude, I begin to immerse myself in...well...myself.  I begin to recapture my own sense of identity as I partake in "me" time, whether it's yoga, meditation, reading, or praying.

Losing myself in my leisure time no longer feels bad; in fact, it feels good...well-deserved and even necessary.  Even though I must remind myself time and time again, I have to care for myself, too.  I must nurture myself as I nurture my children.

Much akin to following the airline steward's advice of putting on my oxygen mask before I place it on my children, I cannot help them to breathe if I cannot breathe myself.

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Vinajoy said...

THis is so right up my alley! We MUST nourish ourselves if we have any hope of nourish others. I love how you coined the title, "pockets of solitude" - and how I treasure those!!!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

So true that you have to take time for yourself. It helps me to be a better mom to my kids. That is what I try to remind myself if the guilt sets in.
Stopping by from steady mom.

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe said...

GOOD for you! I used to feel guilty too when my boys were babes, but I've long since left those feelings and now really look forward to my weekly 'retreats' and come back genuinely renewed!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Thank you, ladies, for taking time to read my blog!!
Thank you, also, for validating my feelings - it feels nice!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. It is so true, I am a much better mom when I have had some "me" time. It makes me happier and that makes our house happier.