11 May 2010

Motherhood (According to Me!) in Pictures and Words

First of all, I must say that Blog Jog Day this past Sunday was a huge success!!! Visit Blog Jog Day to read all about it and to visit other blogs in the jog! I found some fabulous new blogs and have doubled my followers!! WOO HOO!!!

In honor of Mother's Day this past Sunday, I wanted to devote a post to my feelings on being a mother...after all, this is a blog about motherhood!!!

Motherhood is...


Perpetually figuring out how to arrive on-time...somewhere. Anywhere.





Filled with hugs. Lots of them.

Overwhelming with worry sometimes.

Overwhelming with love all the time.


**This post is part of the 30-Minute Blog Challenge held every Tuesday at Steady Mom!!**


Nina said...

true true true that worry poster made me laugh as I'm a worrier (on www.parentplanet.wordpress.com I mentioned that...and do often)...

Mary Elizabeth said...

Yes, I worry, worry, worry...and then worry some more!! Thanks for commenting and checking out my blog! I'll go see your blog now! :)

Leslie said...

Found your blog through Steady Mom. i love your thoughts and photos on motherhood and totally agree with you. I also have four children! blessings!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Leslie!! I appreciate your comments! Glad you enjoyed what you saw! Please, come again!!!!

The Redhead Riter said...

I totally agree.