18 June 2010

Some Homemaking Fun :: Re-Purposing Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Pint Containers


I love, love, love to repurpose our family's empty Ben & Jerry's ice cream pint containers! So much fun, since they're super, super cute...

Here are some of my (humble) ideas...Just rinse and re-use!
  1. Pencil and office-supply holder.
  2. Plant container.
  3. Clutter-buster for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom...for all of those little things that just need a cool place to land!
  4. "Green" vase for flowers! My sweet children are always picking dandelions from our yard and bringing them to me with a smile...so I always have an empty B & J container on my kitchen counter to hold these tokens of love!
  5. Storage for seedling packets in your garage - looks awesome and is super convienent, too!
  6. Use as a gift bag...if your present can fit, of course!
  7. Scrapbook storage.
  8. Button storage - we can always use more of this at our house!
  9. Try one as a darling toothbrush holder in a child's bathroom!
  10. Here was another idea I hadn't thought of...


Now, go get your green on with some B & J containers!!!

I heart "Frugal Fridays" over at The Shabby Nest!!

As always, extending ten thousand ((hugs)) to you...


Lori S. said...

Cute blog!!! I love re purposing things! Thanks for some ideas!

~Lori@ live,laugh,love,create :)

Shelley Dawn said...

Hi Mary Elizabeth! That is awesome that you found my blog and we both live in KC! Both of your blogs are awesome - I especially love your literature blog. I'm a librarian!

It will be fun to follow you and see what you are up to in good old KC.

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

It's must be so fun to get a little blog updo! Very cute!

Megan said...

Finally! An excuse to eat B and J ice cream (well, besides the fact that it tastes so darn good). My husband and went to the factory in VT during our honeymoon, so it's kinda nostalgic too. Anyhow, thanks for the ideas!