26 July 2010

90 Days of Kindness Challenge :: Days Four through Eight


On 19 July 2010, I officially started the "90 Days of Kindness Challenge," hosted by Laura over at the wonderful blog, Along for the Ride.

I find myself joining this challenge, since I tend to look for what's wrong with the world, whether than what's right with it. 

I assess my personal life and think of ten things that are not going well, while simultaneously ignoring the ten things that are going fantastically awesome!!! (It takes a lot of energy out of me, I must say...)

My goal for this challenge is to actively recognize three things each day, no matter how small or trivial, that exude kindness.

How will I accomplish this goal?? Glad you asked!!!
  • Right here on my blog, I will recognize three kind things that I encounter each day.
  • These proofs of kindness could be anything, from a kind word I hear at home from my children or husband to something amazingly kind that I encounter on the blogosphere or web.  These kindness encounters could be a picture, word, or deed.

I am so excited about this challenge!! I am definitely looking forward to the benefits of opening my eyes to everything that is kind!!!

.: I am behind on my "Kindness Challenge" postings (due to a HUGE blogging event on my other blog and weekend travelling), so I am posting days four through eight today ... making a grand total of 15 kindness encounters!!! :.

Mary Elizabeth's Days Four through Eight Kindness Encounters:
  1. This book that I am currently reading for review: Fearless: The 7 Principles of Peace of Mind
  2. A gentle touch on the hand from my husband during our l-o-n-g car trip this weekend.
  3. Spending time with my husband's grandmother this weekend, who is very ill with cancer.
  4. Watching my older children play with their beloved baby sister, Naomi.
  5. Just talking and being heard.
  6. Listening to Elijah, my 6-year-old son, talk enthusiastically about his interest in volcanoes! You simply cannot find enthusiasm akin to that of a child!!!
  7. Hugs from a dear, dear aunt.  I sure needed them!
  8. This book my children checked out from the library:  Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary
  9. Sleeping in on Sunday morning, thanks to my husband.
  10. Watching my husband hold his grandmother's hand.
  11. Reading kind comments from all of you about this challenge.  Thank you!
  12. Gently holding my 2-year-old son while he threw a tantrum. 
  13. Gazing at nature during the car trip this weekend.
  14. Packing a picnic lunch for my family today.
  15. This quote from the incredible Mahatma Gandhi:

As always, extending ten thousand ((hugs)) to you,

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