24 October 2008

Dancing Queen

I just had to share Callan's latest dance class adventures with everyone!!!
She had missed her dance class last Saturday (due to Elijah's final soccer game!), so Baby Aedan and I took her to a "make-up" session this past Monday. The class, luckily, was taught by Miss Sarah, her regular teacher, but was in a different room (gasp!) and, of course, with different girls than her Saturday class (double gasp!!).
Now for a little background info...the class is 25 minutes long and intended to take place without mothers, fathers, and any other family members remaining in the room with the little dancers!!! So far, our precious little Callan has not agreed to this rule, and Mommy or Daddy has had to remain in the room with her, due to many tears and apprehension on Callan's part.
Anyway, I am proud to say that, despite the above obstacles imposed by the Monday class, Aedan and I were able to leave the room for the ENTIRE class, and Callan did not object!! Yea for her!!!
Though her participation was minimal, she never once cried for Mommy - what a big girl!!!!

Check back to my blog later for the continuing invasion of the stitches monster... :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary-

I remember those dance class days! They always put me in the back-row because I could never remember the routine so they would put me in the back row and I was always a step behind everyone else. I did not have that good of an attention span.

I can't wait to see you and you kiddies on Thanksgiving! I am not going to be going home to KC so I will be in Chicago to celebrate it with you:)

Anonymous said...

So I just proof-read it after I posted it. Oups! It sounds stupid but you get the drift! :)