24 October 2008

Stitches, Part 2

Okay, family and friends, you're not going to believe this (we sure didn't!), but this past Wednesday morning, our little Mr. Incredible (aka Elijah) wound up getting stitches.
Just tell me this - we have gone 4 1/2 years with no ER visits, stitches, etc... of any kind, thank the Good Lord above, and in the span of one week, two of our three precious children proceed to place themselves in such peril that they need to be put back together again with the physician's needle. I guess, indeed, when it does rain, it pours (or in this case, splits open and requires stitches).
Here's how the injured party found himself in harm's way: Choosing to wear his Mr. Incredible costume in the morning, Elijah was fully wound up and nearly at the end of many motherly warnings to calm down. (Any correlation between the wild factor and Mr. Incredible costume? I'm surely not suggesting that...wink, wink!) Anyway, as my superhero bounded across the kitchen floor, he slipped and fell right into the edge of a low toy shelf, making a casualty out of the side of his left eye. Ouch!!! By the way his cry sounded, my mommy radar immediately signaled, "He's gonna need stitches!".
Thank goodness this happened during doctor's office hours (i.e., no ER co-pay!! Yea!!), so his very own pediatrician was able to stitch him all up in the comfort of the office and make him better! He was, indeed, a superhero throughout the entire experience, and we will return to the doctor's office on Monday to have those stitches removed. (We now hope the scarring isn't too bad...)
By the way, Callan is healing beautifully from her stitches and back to her daring deeds!!! All in a day's work for a 2-year-old...

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