20 October 2008

Our Soccer Player

I am so proud to say that Elijah completed his very first soccer season this past Saturday!!! He had an incredible time playing his first team sport, learning everything from how to be a team player to dribbling the soccer ball down the field and into the goal!!!!
He even scored a hat trick (3 goals) in his last game!!! Yea for him!!
His father and I are so proud of our little athlete who never missed a practice or game and gave his best effort all the time.
Go, Elijah!!!!


Aunt Tunnie said...

Again, thanks for reminding me when Curt was young. I took out his soccer pictures from when he was four and five the other night before dinner so we could look over them. Curt didn't remember playing soccer when he was so little. He often talks about when he was younger and how life was easier back then! He even mentioned he might like to be a kindergarten teacher! (<-don't mention this to him!)


MarBear1975 said...

I am so glad that it brought back memories for you. That makes me happy!